Out with the old, in with the Kroo - Part 1

Out with the old, in with the Kroo - Part 1

12 March 2020 | by Kroo Marketing Team

The story behind our new name and new look — Part 1 of 2

It’s been months in the making. A lot of hard work and sleepless nights but finally we’re here to share our fresh new brand. In March we will be leaving behind the black and white B-Social and complete a brand overhaul to the bright and colourful world of Kroo.

For such a big occasion we wanted to share with you our rationale and how this new brand will take us into the future.

Why the new brand?

Before we get stuck into the who, what and when, it makes sense to talk about the why.

It may surprise some of you to know that B-Social was always intended as a placeholder name. From the very beginning, tucked away in our back pocket, we had a very different name that also began with the letter B. This name had the word BANK cleverly embedded into it and therefore for various reasons (a whole other story in itself) that name was not to be and so we were left with B-Social as our name.

Design of our previous brand
Design of our previous brand

While B-Social is an interesting name, it is however quite literal, a bit corny and somewhat bland. There was a fiddly hyphen when typing and then there is the spelling — was it B, BE, BEE and so on? On top of that was the colour, or lack of. When we started out we felt that a black and white brand helped us to stand out of the crowd but soon realised this didn’t really reflect who we were as a team — talented, bright and collaborative or as a product — social, intuitive and empowering. All in all we were never really wedded to it and our minds always drifted to alternatives.

A social life is in your face and full of colour. The people you meet are vibrant and complex. Our worldly experiences are memorable and bold. The emotions we feel are real and bright. So there was no way we could continue as a company that didn’t reflect all of the above — a brand full of positive energy, colour and life.

Who is Kroo?

So who is Kroo? It’s no small feat but we want to change the relationship people have with their money for good.

From the very beginning we’ve always said that people don’t live in isolation and are social creatures at heart. We share experiences with friends and families, collaborate with colleagues, take part in clubs and so on. But all too often money gets in the way and can cause a whole heap of unnecessary hassle and stress.

We are building a bank that is designed around real customer needs, desires and behaviours. A truly social bank that bends itself around the customer removing the hassle associated with money and ultimately allowing them to enjoy life’s experiences to the full.

While we are not a bank yet, we offer an app and debit card that is already helping lot’s of Kroo’s out there stay on top of their shared spending, from holiday tickets to flat shares and everything in-between. It’s a place where true friends and money meet.

Up next

Stay tuned for part 2 about the process of how we developed the Kroo brand.

Join the Kroo!

If you want to work for Kroo we are hiring here in London. If you’re a product manager, developer or designer feel free to reach out to us at careers@kroo.com