Meet the Kroo Team: Product Design

Meet the Kroo Team: Product Design

28 February 2022 | by Kroo Marketing Team

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and explain your role at Kroo?

I’m a Product Designer at Kroo, part of the team responsible for the look and feel of the Kroo app. When I’m not drawing rectangles, I can usually be found with my head in a book or my hands on a controller.

What are your primary responsibilities and what kinds of technologies do you use?

I help create and maintain the design system, develop UX flows and design the UI. To do this, we primarily use Figma for all of our design and prototyping, with some ProtoPie thrown in for good measure.

What skills do you think make you successful in your role and how did you develop them?

Curiosity, experimentation and listening. We learn by studying those that came before us, by asking questions and, by sharing ideas. Oh, and leave the ego at the door.

Can you give us some insight about what the product design process is like at Kroo?

Every solution starts with a conversation. We use the tried and tested Design Thinking processes of Empathise, Define, Ideate, Prototype and Test

How would you define your personal design style or process?

For my process I like to start on paper and iterate fast.

What were you doing before Kroo?

Before Kroo, I worked as a designer at an innovation company that asked the big ‘What if…’ questions, then designed the answers.

Are there any designers or brands you look up from a design standpoint?

All the usual brand suspects, Apple, Twitter, Airbnb, Figma. As to individuals, Joey Banks is a legend of Design Systems, Bonnie Kate Wolf’s iconography is unparalleled, Miggi (from Figgi) is the best teacher, and Andrea Picchi is a constant inspiration.