Announcing our £17.7m Series A

Announcing our £17.7m Series A

19 August 2021 | by Kroo Marketing Team

They say money talks, but how loud does £17.7m speak?

After hours of great conversations with potential investors, I’m able to share my excitement with you all. Kroo has raised £17.7m in its Series A funding round.

The raise will support our mobilisation effort, including building a market-leading current account and overdraft, growing the incredibly talented team at Kroo - with 14 new roles already open and more to come - and securing a full UK banking licence.

Our mission has always been to remove friction from financial interactions with friends and family. To help our customers get more from their money, and spend more time doing what’s important in their lives. Lofty ambitions, no doubt.

With a clear vision, great minds and solid investment behind us - not to mention a fair bit of hard work - that’s exactly what we’ll do. That’s why I am so pleased that Rudi Karsan, founder of Karlani Capital, has led the round. His experience combined with our team, board and other investors fills me with confidence as we take the next step on our journey.

Our ambitious vision is no secret to those who’ve followed our journey to date. We are building the world’s greatest social bank: a bank dedicated to its customers and to the world we live in. We’re going to do more than just work with Kroo customers to improve their relationship with money. We’re going to offer ways to actively take part in making our world a better place.

Right now we’re trialling our offering through an e-money Debit MastercardⓇ and Android/iOS app, which you can download today. If you’ve got any feedback simply drop us a message in the app, or on our social media channels. After all, we’re building Kroo for you.

We’ve already opened up our product roadmap as part of our commitment to transparency. Follow us as we launch a safe, secure and intuitively designed current account, with FSCS deposit protection, credit products at fair and competitive rates and much, much more.

One more thing. As I mentioned, that £17.7m we’ve raised will help us bring more great minds on board. If you want to be part of the Kroo then check out our vacancies and help us to create the world’s greatest social bank.

Andrea De Gottardo, CEO.