5000 today - tomorrow, the world

5000 today - tomorrow, the world

2 October 2019 | by Kroo Marketing Team

Five thousand customers — what a milestone! It doesn’t feel like too long ago when we were celebrating our first 100. Turns out time flies when you’re building money socialisation!

When we hit this number, we thought we’d take a closer look at the stats of what our first 5,000 customers have been up to. Where have our cards travelled? How much money has been spent on our cards? How did we support 5,000 people joining our growing family? And these are some of the things we found.

As we all like to escape the grey London skies, it seems that our little black card has collected quite a few air miles, having visited over 48 countries all over the globe! Outside of the UK, the highest spending was in The Netherlands, Spain and France. We get it — those Dutch pannekoekeRomantic Parisian nights and the Spanish sunshine all with zero fees* — definitely worth getting your B-Social card out of the country.

We also learnt that our customers had created over 861 groups to track & split bills with their flatmates, partners and brunch friends and while doing that they’ve also collectively spent over half a million pounds on their B-Social debit cards!

Looking after our customers and giving them the best experience is super important to us so naturally, we looked at how customer support has been doing. From onboarding our customers, solving any problems they might have and getting all of that valuable feedback — it turns out we’ve been busy! We’ve chatted with over 2680 customers in the last year and received 239 🤩ratings on Intercom — whoo!

It was great getting to know more about our first five thousand customers and it’s very exciting watching our little community grow. Five thousand today — the world tomorrow!

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*We won’t charge you any fees to use your card abroad, however, the ATM that you use may charge you.