Scheduled Payments from Kroo

16 June 2022 | by Alex Cuff

You can now easily schedule payments with the Kroo app! We heard from Kroo users that this was an important feature to help stay on top of monthly bills, subscriptions and other recurring debits. We hope this new feature offers financial transparency to help make monthly budgeting and saving a bit easier.

Easily see the frequency, amount, final payment total, next payment date and final payment date from the scheduled payment transaction details. Visit the new “Scheduled payments” tab to see all of your upcoming payments.

It’s simple to get started with scheduled payments. Open the Kroo app and tap “send” to create a payment as normal. You’ll select a recipient or add the correct details for your payee. Then, on the “bank transfer” screen you’ll find a new field called “when”. Click this field to select the date of the payment, the frequency of payments and an end date (optional).

Cancelling and editing scheduled payments is just as easy. Just navigate to your new “scheduled payments” tab on the home screen, select the scheduled payment you’d like to update or end and click on it. From there, you’ll find the “edit” button. You can make an edit or cancel your scheduled payment at any time in only a few clicks.

That’s scheduled payments sorted with Kroo!