A healthy financial relationship.

A healthy financial relationship.

14 February 2024 | by Kroo Marketing Team

This Valentine's Day, we at Kroo want to make sure you're in a healthy financial relationship. Our guide to spotting the four red flags of banking should help you avoid financial heartbreak and find a solid banking connection you can cherish.

Love bombing

Did your bank come on strong from day one, luring you in with false promises?

Unfortunately, some banks are motivated to shower new customers with cash rewards and attractive perks, only to catch you out with hidden fees once you're onboard. Find a provider who will love you long-term with a reliable offering.


Like your online date, your bank might not be as good as they appear.

Banking agreements come with fine print, but watch out for hidden clauses that are looking to catch you out. A healthy banking relationship should be transparent and built on trust. That means no secret fees for cash withdrawals and no lurking charges for spending when you're abroad.

Not having your best interests at heart

If your current account isn't earning interest, it's time to rethink your financial commitment.

In a solid relationship, your partner will always have your best interests. The same goes for your bank. Our tracker interest rate is set 0.9% below the Bank of England's base rate on your current account, whether it goes up or down – so you always know what you’ll earn.

Poor listener – It's always about them, never you

Your bank should be listening to your needs and adapting its offering accordingly.

Has your bank asked you what you like about the experience so far? Have they asked you about what could make it better? Your banking experience should be about meeting your needs rather than theirs.

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This Valentine's Day, make sure your financial relationship is built on trust, transparency, and reliability.

Taking a closer look at your banking relationship and spot these red flags? It might be time to switch!