Current Account Fees

Name of account provider: Kroo Bank Ltd

Account name: Personal Current Account

Date: 1 December 2022

Fee Information.

This document informs you about the fees for using the main services linked to the payment account. It will help you to compare these fees with those of other accounts.

Fees may also apply for using services linked to the account which are not listed here. Full information is available in the Terms and Conditions.

A glossary of the terms used in this document is available free of charge.

  • Service


    • General account services

    • Maintaining the account


    • Payments (excluding cards)

    • Direct Debit


    • Standing Order


    • Sending money within the UK

      Faster Payments


      CHAPS payment


    • Sending money outside the UK*

      Service not available

    • Receiving money from outside the UK*

      Service not available

    • Cards and cash

    • Debit card payment in pounds


    • Debit card payment in a foreign currency


    • Cash withdrawal in pounds in the UK


    • Cash withdrawal in foreign currency outside the UK Up to £200 in any calendar month.

      Up to £200 in any calendar month. £0
      We charge 3% on any withdrawals over this limit.
      [We won’t charge you for using ATMs overseas until 31 October 2024]

    • Overdrafts and related services

    • Arranged overdraft

      24.9% EAR/APR variable

    • Unarranged overdraft

      24.9% EAR/APR variable
      We will not charge more than £15 interest for any month.

    • Refusing a payment due to lack of funds


    • Allowing a payment despite lack of funds


    • Other services

    • Cancelling a cheque

      Service not available

    • Obtaining a Kroo card


    • Fee for a replacement Kroo card if you lose it

      First two replacement cards £0
      Third and subsequent card replacement in a 12 month period. £5
      Delivery outside the UK. £10

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